Our Progress

If you are software developer, UI/UX designer, content manager, tester or anyone who wants to take part in the development of something fresh and bright - please contact us at join@svitanok.app.

Very early version is available on App Store and Google Play


Svitanok App can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

Pilot version for public


Pilot version of the Svitanok App that can be tested by public. Features include:
  • Create accounts for specialists and setting up services and prices
  • Ability to find specialists by category and see results on Google maps
  • Create appointments and see history of the visits
  • Follow specialists and watch updates
  • Adding photos of the completed works

Initial prototype


The basic prototype with main UI and UX components was developed and published to the PlayMarket for the testing.

Inception of the idea


The day when the idea was born and the first steps towards its future were made.