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Should I learn Chinese? 🇨🇳 Undoubtedly yes!🙋🏻 Here are some reasons to study it: 📌 Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is spoken by more than a billion people 📌The Chinese economy is very competitive💪🏻 📌Knowledge of Chinese gives opportunities in business 💰💸 📌You can find new Chinese friends👭 📌Opportunity to travel around China🌍 📌Encounter with Chinese culture and history and much more 🎎👘 On Svitanok App 💙💛 in the service category Chinese language lessons, a Chinese language expert, a teacher will be able to provide personal lessons✍🏻📄 But anyone who wants to will be able to start exciting learning and acquaintance with this complex and interesting language 🇨🇳 #China #Chinese #Chinese cuisine #Chinese lessons #Chinese lessons #foreign language lessons #foreign languages #science #teacher #foreign language tutor #tutor #Chinese tutor

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Івано- Франківськ , Вул.Коновальця

Зімною вивчати китайську мову легко!

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